Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hair Cut!

Does anything feel better than a new haircut?!?! Probably...but a new haircut is still really nice. I have only had my haircut professionally maybe four times in my whole life and the last two times have been especially nice. (The first two were at really cheap places in Provo and I didn't really love either cut...) Yesterday Ike sent me out of the house for some alone time and suggested I  get a haircut! I have been talking about getting one for about 5 months but never doing it because I didn't want to spend the money.  So I really didn't need much pushing!

Here is sort of a before, this was actually taken a long time ago but you get the idea for how I wore it...boring!!!!

And the after!!! So much cuter right?!??!??

Thank you Regis Salon for doing such a great job!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Wedding Vacation

I got an awesome oppertunity to take a trip ALL BY MYSELF (That has pretty much never happened since my single days.) to go to my sister Rachel's wedding in Ohio. It was a beautiful wedding and I got to spend four days with my sisters and family! I did miss my kids, don't get my wrong. But it was amazing to be able to stay up as late as I wanted and get up when I wanted and not worry about two little dependant people who depend on me for everything to survive. I got to spend all day (and lots of the night) working on wedding stuff and it was amazing!

The happy couple!!! Rachel looked more beautiful than I had ever seen her. It was a really happy day :)
Grandma Judy was the master flower maker and she showed me how to make little bows for corsages.

 Jessica was kind enough to open up her house to all of us. Which was incredible considering we ate all her food and trashed her home.
 Look at us lovely sisters at the Bridal Shower!!!
 Me and my amazing Grandpa Rich.
 Doing the Bride's hair for some bridal shots.

 STEAMING, STEAMING, STEAMING....RAWHIDE!!!! (That is what I thought while I steamed the dress.)
 Look at my awesome dad!!!!
Overall it was an awesome trip and I kind of think I need a four day trip by myself every year. Also, a very special thank you goes out to Ike. Without his support, I never could have done this trip with out him. I love my husband!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

For Katherine.

I always feel bad when people tell me they check my blog regularly. I should probably feel cool that people actually do check it, but instead I am filled with shame because I have been TERRIBLE AT POSTING lately!!!! So now, after my sister Katherine told me she checks my blog every week, I have made a goal to update, AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK!!!! I can do it. I know I can. Confidence is key.

So what have the Carrs been up to lately ( and by lately I mean everything since mid March...)?

Jackson has been playing on a 3-4 year old soccer team. They play 3 on 3 with no goalies. It is adorable. He just finished the season with a winning record. And by winning I mean he had a good time at each game.

Jackson and Brady showed their style on Easter with matching suits. Unfortunately, I was stressed and busy that weekend and forgot to get anything for Easter baskets...I figured they were too young to know what they were missing. Jackson mentioned that maybe the Easter bunny lives in Ireland with the leprechaun from St. Patrick's day (who also didn't visit our house...) and that is why he didn't come. I did not correct. him. Mother of the year goes to me.

 Ike is co-chair of the Prom committee at school which means I also get to help with prom and this year's theme was Winter Wonderland. I really do look forward to prom season which is funny because Ike dreads it.

Jackson turned 5!!!!! I can't believe this. It still makes me sad to think about. I need another baby or I might go crazy. I don't like my kids getting older. He specifically requested a basketball cake with strawberries on it. I think I delivered on his request.

Jackson has finished Pre-School!!!!!!! Once again...I don't like this whole growing up thing. 

And finally...the kids have just been up to being themselves. Jackson is really into teenage mutant ninja turtles right now and Brady is potty training. It is going a lot better than with Jackson because I I have lowered my expectations to the point of just not wanting the furniture ruined.
 Don't worry... that isn't urine on Brady's shirt. It is just water. Although, to be honest, I can't remember why he isn't wearing pants in this picture.

 I know this is a bad picture of Ike, but it is such a nice picture of me it just seemed a shame to waste it!!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Busy busy busy.

It has been a very busy past few months. The trick is to enjoy the busy!!! If anyone has figured out how to do that, please let me know. Anyway, here are some highlights from the past couple of weeks.

The boys and I celebrated Valentine's Day with some cookie decorating!

 True Masterpieces! Spiderman wishes he could have one. Speaking of Spiderman, we have been all about the costumes lately. With the weather getting warmer, we have been spending a lot of in the yard. Dressed in full super hero garb.
 Brady really really really wants to learn to ride Jackson's bike but all he can do right now is sit on it and look cool.
 We had a visit from one of our favorite Elders on his way home. We saw Elder Painter and his parents. It was a great visit!
 I did a little home improvement project this week. Under our sink was pretty disgusting (This picture was taken after I had cleaned it.) so I decided to do something about it. Here is the before!

 And here is the after! I used left over tile from our kitchen floor to tile the inside of the sink cupboard. I think it looks pretty good! Not bad for my first attempt at laying tile (even if it was sticky back) on anything.

Finally I think once prom is done I will be doing a little more of this:

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Evolution of the Carrs

Looking through old family photos the other the other day and put all our family photos together. This is what I have:

This is the first picture ever taken of Ike and I together. It was taken in my apartment kitchen at BYU.  2007

This is one of our engagement pictures and you could call this our first official portrait. 2008

A wedding photo! I know it is really far away but for some reason this is the only one I have saved on this computer! 2008

This was taken at my sister's wedding during our first year of marriage. 2008

Pregnant with Jackson but you can't see because of how we are posed. 2009 This one is really small because I took it off facebook. I need to get a bigger copy scanned or something. Not a big deal because this isn't a very flattering photo anyway.

Jackson's Blessing. 2010

Family picture with Jackson. Maybe 2011

Right before Brady. 2012
Brady!!! 2012


How cute are all of these?!?!?!??!